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Art as Process

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

I've been thinking a lot about my creative practice. About how often I focus so much on output- on making a tangible thing to present to the world- that I forget about the actual practice part. I was reminded of this last month, on an island, during an experience appropriately called Awakening.

I am remembering that art-making is a process. A process of experimentation, of play, of failure, of self-examination, of contraction and expansion, of perseverance, of acceptance, and eventually of creation. There's a freedom in this memory. This is what I always wanted, what I have been searching for, the reason I claimed myself as artist.

In support of this continuous journey, I've decided to push the boundaries of what I consider my creative practice to be. In collaboration with nueBOX, over the next few months I'll be exploring performance and questioning the role of mediation through the camera in my work. Part of this residency includes shared Works in Progress (WIPs), and my first one is next Friday, almost the last day of August, and a New Moon in Virgo.

New Moons are a time for beginnings, for releasing old energies to make room for the what's being birthed. The truth is I don't know what I'm doing. I am nervous, and full of doubt, but I am embracing this as an opportunity to trust in my process. Through this WIP, I am letting go of expectations, of my need to control every outcome in my art (and in my life). I am calling in the pleasure of presence, and welcoming the unknown.


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