We live in the desert. A place where the plants and animals, the very landscape and weather seem to reject human existence. And yet we prevail. We are here. We have taken over and made it ours. We are adaptable creatures. Scavengers, survivalists, opportunists. Vermin who cannot be eradicated. We are what we despise in other beings. We are coyotes.


For Anamorphosis, I wanted to explore the symbol of the coyote as a mirror image of ourselves. I chose to incorporate the use of the wildlife trail camera as a tool to question the power dynamics of one-way observation. What are we taking when we secretly capture an animal’s image in the wild? What happens when we reflect that image back at us? All of the work in this show is meant to merge, reverse and transform the roles of the human gaze and the animal other.

© 2023 by Ashley Czajkowski

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