Journal entry: 6-28-17
The blind woman reconstructing the coyote is called intuition. She feels and smells and hears her way. She sees only with her mind’s eye. She is not lost. Her shadow beckons and she answers the call. She is woken.

Renascent consists of a 9ft x 12ft x 9ft fabric house structure with video projections. Visitors enter the dark space to see the house illuminated and can explore both the outside and inside of the structure. On the translucent fabric surfaces of the house are three distinct video projections- each one a single video looping endlessly. Collectively, these videos reveal intimate and ritualized interactions with a found coyote, including ceremonially preparing her body, bathing her and skinning her. For me this process mirrors the cycle of life: birth and death converging.

On the inside of the house, amidst all three videos, are physical remnants from the videos themselves. The objects inside the house structure were a part of the environment for the performative videos- the floor planks and the clawfoot tub- and they become part of the installation environment, inviting viewers to feel more present in the space of the videos as well as the gallery.

Part of what I’m doing is interacting with another animal body to reveal mirrored aspects of my own.
Part of what I’m doing is trying to forge a bond with nature that at some point in my lifetime, and our evolutionary process, was lost.
Part of what I’m doing is acknowledging how little control we actually have over these natural forces- time, change, aging, death.
Part of what I’m doing is trying to recognize what we can choose to have control over- destruction, transformation, creation.

Ecologically, the coyote can represent the southwest, the desert. Mythologically, the coyote represents the trickster, the shapeshifter, the creature of benevolent chaos. Symbolically, the coyote represents the psyche: elusive, highly adaptable, unpredictable. Personally, the coyote represents a version of ourselves; a shadow within which must be respected, revisioned and re-birthed.