Check out this video interview about my most recent exhibition, Renascent.



This work consists of three interconnected video installations. Collectively, these videos reveal intimate and ritualized interactions with a found coyote, including ceremonially preparing her body, bathing her and skinning her. Mirroring the life, death and rebirth cycle.

Part of what I’m doing is interacting with another animal body to reveal aspects of my own. Trying to forge a bond with nature that at some point in my lifetime, and our evolutionary process, was lost. Acknowledging how little control we actually have over these natural forces- time, change, aging, death, and trying to recognize what we can choose to have control over- destruction, transformation, creation. 

Ecologically, the coyote can represent the southwest: the desert. Mythologically, the coyote represents the trickster, the shapeshifter, the creature of benevolent chaos. Symbolically, the coyote represents the psyche: elusive, highly adaptable, unpredictable. Personally, the coyote represents a version of ourselves; a shadow within which must be respected, recontextualized and re-birthed.